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St. Bert's Clothing

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St Bert’s, a retro-inspired clothing brand, takes inspiration from the vibrant colours and daring patterns of the 70s. Their ethically sourced garments, designed in-house and produced in Portugal using soft jersey cotton, cater to individuals of all ages. With a desire to tap into the potential of paid social media advertising, St Bert’s approached Upbeat Agency. While they had dabbled in boosting posts on Instagram, they recognised the need for external expertise to effectively manage and optimise their paid social campaigns. Motivated by the impressive results achieved by similar niche brands through collaboration with Upbeat, they were eager to leverage our experience in this field.



Prior to partnering with Upbeat, St Bert’s had limited experience with paid social advertising, primarily focusing on boosting posts on Instagram. They lacked the in-house capacity and expertise to effectively manage and optimise their paid social campaigns. Recognising the untapped potential of this marketing channel, they sought assistance to develop a comprehensive paid social strategy that would drive sales and amplify their brand presence.



In close collaboration with St Bert’s, Upbeat Agency crafted a tailored paid social strategy that aligned with their objectives and target audience. As part of our services, we not only managed their campaigns but also created captivating videos to enhance the impact of their advertising. We employed a range of targeting options, including interest-based targeting and the utilisation of lookalike audiences based on website events and customer lists. Leveraging campaign structure best practices, we ensured a well-defined funnel was in place to maximise sales and optimise the customer journey.



The collaboration between St Bert’s and Upbeat Agency yielded impressive results, successfully harnessing the power of paid social advertising. By expanding beyond their previous Instagram post boosting approach, St Bert’s experienced a significant increase in brand visibility and engagement. The carefully crafted videos captured the attention of their target audience, driving traffic to their website and generating valuable conversions. The strategic targeting options, including interest-based and lookalike audiences, ensured that St Bert’s message reached the right people at the right time. The optimised campaign structure further enhanced the customer journey, maximising sales and revenue growth.

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