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The Modern Nursery



The Modern Nursery, a premium toy, furniture, and decor brand, has been enhancing the homes of UK families since 2015. With a curated selection of stylish and chic products sourced from global brands as well as their own label, The Modern Nursery caters to the discerning tastes of fashion-forward families. Seeking to expand their market share and amplify their online presence, The Modern Nursery partnered with Upbeat Agency to leverage their marketing expertise and strong relationships with Meta and Google.




Whilst The Modern Nursery had achieved a moderate level of sales through their organic and email marketing efforts, they recognised the need to elevate their online presence and secure a larger share of the UK market. To achieve this, they turned to Upbeat Agency, seeking to leverage their extensive experience and strategic partnerships with Meta and Google.






Upbeat Agency has been collaborating with The Modern Nursery for over four years, initially focusing on running Meta (Facebook) ads exclusively. However, in response to the iOS14.5 updates and the need to diversify marketing channels, Upbeat Agency introduced Pinterest and the Google platform to their service offering. This three-pronged approach proved highly effective in driving results and restoring performance to pre-iOS14 levels. Remarkably, Pinterest emerged as the highest spending platform, closely followed by the Google platform.



The partnership between The Modern Nursery and Upbeat Agency has yielded remarkable results. By capitalising on Upbeat Agency’s marketing expertise and strong relationships with Meta and Google, The Modern Nursery achieved significant growth in their online presence and market share. The strategic addition of Pinterest and the Google platform as marketing channels proved successful, with performance steadily surpassing pre-iOS14 levels.


The Modern Nursery’s commitment to providing stylish and tasteful children’s products, coupled with Upbeat Agency’s tailored marketing strategies, propelled the brand to new heights. The curated selection of premium toys, furniture, and decor, combined with targeted advertising campaigns on Meta, Pinterest, and the Google platform, resonated with the target audience—stylish and chic families seeking to elevate their home decor.

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