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The Vegan Kind

graphic design



The Vegan Kind, an online supermarket exclusively catering to vegan and plant-based products, is committed to providing a diverse range of offerings to meet the demands of conscious consumers across the UK. With a focus on delivering exceptional value, they curate an extensive collection of products and offer convenient monthly food and beauty subscription boxes. The Vegan Kind sought to leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising to amplify their brand presence, increase supermarket orders, and enhance the affordability of their subscription boxes.




As veganism continues to gain popularity in the UK, The Vegan Kind recognised the opportunity to expand their business through targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. However, they faced the challenge of effectively promoting two distinct aspects of their brand: the online supermarket and the monthly subscription boxes. Their goal was to optimise ad campaigns to drive growth in supermarket orders while simultaneously reducing the cost per subscription, all within the framework of a competitive market.




Upbeat Agency collaborated closely with The Vegan Kind to develop a strategic approach that would address their unique challenges. Recognising the need to treat the supermarket and subscription box divisions as separate entities, Upbeat Agency implemented a dual-pronged strategy across Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising platforms. Multiple ad accounts were created to run distinct campaigns, allowing for precise optimisation tailored to each business segment. The creative strategy aligned with this approach, with targeted content highlighting the unique offerings of each division. Dynamic product ads (DPA) and carefully crafted carousels were utilised to showcase The Vegan Kind’s diverse supermarket products, enticing customers to explore the range. For the subscription boxes, engaging unboxing videos were produced to provide an immersive experience that captured the anticipation and joy of receiving monthly surprises.



The collaboration between The Vegan Kind and Upbeat Agency yielded impressive results across Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising platforms. By harnessing the power of these channels, The Vegan Kind experienced substantial growth in both their supermarket orders and subscription box sales. The tailored approach, treating each aspect of the business as separate entities, allowed for focused optimisation and yielded tangible outcomes. The captivating product showcases through dynamic ads and carousels on Facebook and Instagram enticed customers to place supermarket orders, driving a surge in sales. Simultaneously, the engaging unboxing videos enhanced the overall customer experience for subscription box recipients, resulting in increased sales and heightened satisfaction. Leveraging Google advertising further expanded their reach, capturing the attention of potential customers actively searching for vegan and plant-based products.


Through their strategic partnership with Upbeat Agency, The Vegan Kind successfully capitalised on the rising popularity of veganism and leveraged targeted advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and Google to expand their reach. By effectively promoting their supermarket offerings and enhancing the appeal of their subscription boxes, The Vegan Kind solidified their position as the leading online destination for plant-based products in the UK.

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