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Tobias and the Bear

graphic design



Tobias and the Bear, a brand founded by two fashion industry professionals and first-time mums, aimed to revolutionise baby clothing by introducing soft and comfortable leggings that broke free from traditional stiff fabrics. Additionally, they sought to challenge the conventional gender-based colour schemes commonly found in baby apparel. Originally targeting baby boys, they soon discovered that parents were purchasing their products for both boys and girls, prompting them to adopt a distinctively unisex approach across their entire product range. The brand’s primary objectives were to enhance their advertising efforts, generate increased sales, and effectively reach their target audience.




Despite achieving some revenue on Facebook, Tobias and the Bear lacked the expertise and professional knowledge required to run effective advertising campaigns. With limited time available to dedicate to campaign execution, they recognised the need to entrust the management of their advertising account to experts who could drive significant results and help them expand their customer base.



To propel Tobias and the Bear’s advertising efforts, our team devised a comprehensive strategy designed to optimise targeting, leverage customer data, and create compelling ad creatives. Meta’s sophisticated targeting options allowed us to reach parents with children of specific ages, ensuring precise audience segmentation. Furthermore, we exported customer data from their website to employ retargeting tactics and generate lookalike audiences for prospecting campaigns. When developing ad creatives, our focus was to emotionally connect with parents while showcasing the brand’s modern and fun aesthetic.




The implementation of our advertising strategy proved fruitful for Tobias and the Bear, driving tangible results and increasing sales. By utilising Meta’s targeting options, we reached the desired audience of parents with children in specific age groups, leading to improved campaign performance and higher engagement rates. The integration of customer data facilitated effective retargeting efforts, enabling the brand to maintain contact with interested customers and expand their customer base through lookalike audiences. The carefully crafted ad creatives resonated with parents, effectively conveying the brand’s modern and fun aesthetic and eliciting an emotional connection.

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