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Google Performance Max – Your Secret Weapon To Crushing Paid Search

Google Performance Max – Your Secret Weapon To Crushing Paid Search

Psst – looking to increase the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns?

It’s your lucky day. 

Google recently launched Performance Max, a new campaign type that uses advanced machine learning to drive superior results across Google Ads inventory. 

These campaigns are delivering jaw-dropping returns for e-commerce advertisers. And we don’t want you to miss out.

Read on to discover how Performance Max campaigns work, and how these ads can skyrocket your Google Ads conversions.

What is Google Performance Max?

Performance Max campaigns use smart automation to help advertisers achieve specific goals and significantly increase conversions. 

How, you ask? 

Brands are able to access the full range of Google Ads inventory through a single campaign, and rapidly optimise all of these channels to focus on a certain objective.

Google is an advertising powerhouse, and with Performance Max, you have every Google channel working to deliver against your key business goals. 

That’s a surefire way to deliver seriously efficient results. 

Automation technology constantly optimises every aspect of a Performance Max campaign, including budget, audiences, creative assets and attribution. 

Users are often moving between different Google platforms (e.g. Search, YouTube) and the ability to advertise simultaneously across all of these channels is extremely valuable. 

Google claims that advertisers using Performance Max see an average increase of 13% in total incremental conversions while maintaining a similar Cost Per Action. If you’re currently using Google Ads to drive sales or generate leads, then Performance Max is a no-brainer. 

What are the benefits of Performance Max? 

Performance Max campaigns offer a plethora of benefits to digital marketers. 

Since the vast majority of advertisers already use some form of Google Ads in their campaigns, Performance Max allows them to increase their current conversion volumes and extend their reach. 

Here are four major benefits to using Performance Max campaigns: 

1. You can find and convert more customers

Google can rapidly identify warm prospects in real-time, thanks to the astonishing amount of user data that the platform collects.

User intent signals and behaviours can be monitored and utilised to deliver high-converting campaigns and relevant advertising. 

Plus, since you’ll be accessing multiple Google channels with Performance Max, you can easily increase reach by targeting prospects across a range of different environments. 

Deezer, a music streaming service, tested Performance Max to try and scale its online subscriptions. It saw subscriptions increase by 28% on the web, while the cost-per-subscription also decreased by 15%. 

2. You can increase conversions 

By using Google automation technology, advertisers can effectively increase their conversions. 

That’s because Performance Max constantly optimises every element of a campaign, across multiple channels, to find the most efficient tactics. 

It’s this combination of impressive scale (delivered across Google channels) and speedy optimisation (achieved through machine learning) that makes this type of campaign so effective. 

Allianz Spain used Performance Max to try and increase marketing efficiency in a highly competitive market. It managed to increase qualified lead volumes by 15% at a lower cost-per-lead than generic Paid Search campaigns.

Testing has also found Performance Max to increase revenue compared to Smart Shopping campaigns.

3. You can unlock granular campaign insights

Performance Max campaigns are now part of the Google Insights page, meaning advertisers can monitor emerging market trends around consumers and products.

You’ll also be able to quickly identify which audiences, formats and creative assets are delivering optimal results. 

This can help you to inform other campaigns outside of Performance Max, or make informed decisions about your wider marketing strategy.

(Source: Google)

4. You can capitalise on smart automation

Advertisers can also take their existing campaign learnings and share them with the Google algorithm to fuel superior performance.

For example, by starting with your most successful creative assets and audiences, you provide the Google platform with the best chance of delivering conversions. 

The automation technology will then take these insights and test them in real-time, identifying the best performing elements and building on them. 

By combining your individual business expertise and experience with Google Ads automation, you can start to achieve exceptional performance. 

When should I use Performance Max?

So, Performance Max is sounding pretty appealing so far. 

Who doesn’t want increased conversions and campaign efficiency driven by industry-leading machine learning? 

But it’s important to understand when Performance Max can have the biggest impact on your e-commerce business. 

You’ll need to ensure that you’re set up for success before launching these campaigns. If you’re considering Performance Max, make sure that you:

  • Have specific advertising and conversion goals to work towards (e.g. online sales, lead generation, etc).
  • Aren’t limited by the Google platforms that your ads can appear on, and are willing to run advertising on multiple channels.
  • Want to drive incremental reach and conversions beyond keyword-based Search campaigns.

If you have a clear and well-defined conversion goal in mind for your Google campaigns, then there’s a good chance that Performance Max is a strong option for your business.

Should I exclusively use Performance Max campaigns? 

Although Performance Max campaigns can be very profitable, it’s important to continue running other forms of Google advertising.

Performance Max is designed to complement your existing Google activity (i.e. Search) – it’s not intended to replace it entirely. 

Channels like Google Search can still deliver a consistent baseline of efficient conversions for your brand. Performance Max is able to expand your reach and refine your targeting to secure incremental sales. 

How do I set up a Performance Max campaign? 

If you’re ready to get started with Performance Max ads, just follow the steps below to set up a new campaign.

(It’s worth noting that the below is for advertisers without a Merchant Center Feed set up – if you do have a Merchant Center Feed in place, click here to view set-up instructions.) 

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account. 

2. Select Campaigns, hit the ‘+’ button, and choose New Campaign.

3. Choose a relevant advertising objective for your campaign.


4. Confirm the conversion goals for your new campaign. It’s important to set accurate conversion values here so that the platform can optimise towards a healthy ROAS.

5. Select ‘Performance Max’ as your campaign type, allocate a name to the campaign, and then hit Continue.

6. Set your campaign budget and choose a bidding strategy. You can instruct the algorithm to aim for a Target CPA (i.e. conversion volumes) or a Target ROAS (i.e. conversion value) depending on your business priority. 

7. Input campaign settings (e.g. location, language, ad scheduling) and proceed.

8. Now it’s time to build an Asset Group for your campaign. This is effectively a set of individual creative ingredients that Google will combine and test during the campaign. 

9. You’ll also be able to add Audience Signals here, which can help guide the Google platform in the right direction with targeting. However, if Google identifies other segments that are likely to convert, your ads may also be served to them. 

10. Select any relevant Ad Extensions for your campaign.

11. Review your campaign details. Once you’re happy, hit Publish Campaign to get the ball rolling and launch your Performance Max activity. 

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll officially be live with a brand new Google Ads campaign. 

Exciting stuff! 

For more information on setting up your Performance Max campaign, just check out this guide

Performance Max campaigns can make a big difference to your Google Ads results.

The key is to balance machine automation with your existing business knowledge. 

Ensure that you’re providing the platform with quality creative assets and audience learnings. 

If you can steer the Google algorithm in the right direction from the start, you’ll quickly unlock valuable insights and enable the technology to deliver increased conversions. Best of luck! 

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