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8 Examples Of Ultra-Effective Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the most unique social media platforms in the world, placing a strong emphasis on organic conversations and brand interactions. 

This opens up a wide range of exciting digital marketing opportunities for advertisers. 

Twitter ad campaigns can deliver exceptional results for brands, but if you’re going to succeed on the platform, you need to understand how to create high-performing paid ads.

So how can you learn to master the art of Twitter advertising? 

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Well, a great place to start is Twitter case studies. By learning from successful Twitter ads campaigns, you can quickly understand how to create high-impact ads that engage audiences and generate conversions. 

And where can you find a convenient collection of the best Twitter ads examples?


Let’s take a look at a few of the most impactful and effective Twitter ads, and uncover some insights that you can use to drive jaw-dropping campaign performance. 

As a specialist Twitter ads agency we can help you with your campaigns just get in touch for a free consultation.

What are Twitter ads? 

The Twitter platform revolves around active conversations, trending topics, and direct exchanges between brands and Twitter users. 

As a result, a lot of Twitter advertising is to designed to capitalise on real-time conversations and open up opportunities for audience engagement. 

Twitter ads appear in and around the Twitter homepage, which is essentially a news feed that’s constantly refreshed with new Tweets. 

There is a wide range of Twitter ad formats available to advertisers, including:

  • Twitter Single Image ads
  • Twitter Video ads
  • Twitter Carousel ads
  • Twitter Moment ads
  • Twitter Text ads
  • Twitter Follower ads
  • Twitter Amplify ads
  • Twitter Takeover ads 

These ads can be targeted towards specific audiences on the platform. Reaching the right audiences through smart Twitter targeting is extremely important, and a vital element of running successful Twitter campaigns. 

Twitter also places slightly less emphasis on ad visuals than other social media platforms. 

Although it’s still crucial to produce eye-catching images and videos, crafting effective ad copy is absolutely key to success on Twitter. 

How do Twitter ads work? 

Advertisers can target promoted Tweets towards a range of different audiences on Twitter. 

Brands can reach their target audience through: 

Different types of Twitter Ad targeting
  • Demographic targeting (i.e. location, language, mobile device)
  • Audience targeting (i.e. conversation, interests, keywords)
  • Follower targeting (i.e. followers of your business account)
  • Custom Audiences (i.e. first-party data and pixel targeting)  

Identifying the right Twitter audience is a very important aspect of Twitter advertising, so it’s a good idea to build and test multiple segments over time. 

Selecting the right Twitter campaign objective is also fundamental to success. 

Twitter campaign objectives are broken out into three primary categories (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion) with multiple sub-types contained in each.

Since your Twitter ad campaign will be optimised automatically towards the objective you select, you must think carefully about your choice. 

What are the benefits of advertising on Twitter? 

Twitter advertising is utilised by brands around the world, and with good reason – the platform offers many compelling benefits to digital marketers. 

For one thing, brands can reach a significant audience through Twitter ads. 

Although Twitter can’t compete with social media giants like Facebook when it comes to scale, the platform still boasts a huge user base. Around 237.8 million monetizable daily active users

This provides advertisers with a golden opportunity to build brand awareness, scale up marketing campaigns, and drive high volumes of conversions. 

The unique design of the platform is also hugely beneficial for brands looking to build connections with Twitter users.

Twitter actively encourages brands to engage with audiences through polls, Tweet replies, and trending topics. With the right marketing strategy, brands can use the Twitter platform to nurture brand loyalty and establish positive customer relationships. 

Finally, Twitter ads are objective-based, meaning you’ll only pay for pre-defined actions that relate to your campaign objective – and this can be a massive boost to cost efficiency.

Brands that are keen to unlock the full potential of Twitter often drive optimal results by partnering with a Twitter advertising agency. Working alongside paid social professionals and dedicated account managers can be a game-changer for Twitter ad performance.

8 high-performing Twitter ads examples 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Twitter advertising, let’s explore some of the most successful ad campaigns on the platform – and highlight how you take your own paid advertising to the next level.

1. Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank used Twitter ads to tap into popular conversations around finance and drive increased website clicks.

The brand utilised Keyword and Conversation targeting to identify users who were engaged with personal finance and likely to be receptive to smart banking products. 

This strategy was simple, but highly effective. Twitter offers marketers the ability to reach target audiences based on specific conversation topics and granular insights, which can lead to exceptional results.

(Source: twitter.com)

Fifth Third Bank ran several ad formats (including Video ads and Carousel ads) throughout the campaign, using a combination of humour and snappy copy to capture its audience’s attention.

The campaign achieved a 66% decrease in cost per site visit alongside a 60% decrease in cost per link click, proving the power of smart targeting and engaging creative assets. 

2. Adidas

Adidas partnered with Twitter to run a launch campaign for its ‘Predator’ football boots, aiming to boost campaign awareness and ultimately increase website traffic.

To achieve this, Adidas utilised several Twitter video placements in combination. 

The brand launched a Timeline Takeover to rapidly increase reach, In-Stream Video ads to build a Twitter presence around sports content, and a Video Website Card to drive website clicks and sales. 

(Source: twitter.com)

The hero Video ad used fast motion, celebrity appearances, and dramatic music to grab user attention and stand out in a busy feed. 

Since these eye-catching videos were placed in prominent positions on Twitter and appeared around sports content, they proved to be highly engaging for viewers. 

Relevant content targeting, combined with multiple ad formats and a striking video asset, delivered strong results for Adidas. The activity generated more than 6m video views, and over 440k minutes of video were consumed across the campaign. 

3. SAP Concur 

Travel and expense management company SAP Concur used Twitter online advertising to drive traffic to its website and content hub. 

The brand started by identifying its target audience on Twitter using the Site Visit/Page View optimisation tool. This allowed SAP Concur to target users who were more likely to visit its website, based on previous behaviours and interests. 

This accurate targeting enabled SAP Concur to reach people interested in its articles and whitepapers, rapidly improving the efficiency of the campaign. 

(Source: twitter.com)

This is a prime Twitter ad example, ticking all the right boxes in terms of effective ad copy. 

These promoted Tweets both make use of clever tactics that catch audience attention and increase the likelihood of a click. Firstly, the inclusion of a question is a great way to instantly engage users and encourage them to continue reading.

Secondly, advertising a ‘listicle’ style piece of content (i.e. ‘7 things your policy should cover’) naturally makes audiences more curious. If users want to discover more, they need to click.

These are small tips, but they can have a big impact on Twitter performance. SAP Concur managed to dramatically reduce its cost per site visit by using intelligent optimisations and engaging ad copy. 

4. Uber 

Delivery service Uber used Twitter to amplify its #MoveWhatMatters initiative – a campaign that committed 10m free rides and food deliveries to key workers during COVID. 

To increase awareness of the campaign, the Uber Twitter account launched several ad formats and a range of creative messages to boost awareness and engagement. 

Uber initially launched a Twitter Takeover to kick off the ad campaign with a bang, maximising the reach of the #MoveWhatMatters hashtag.

Examples of ultra-effective Twitter Ads

(Source: twitter.com)

This brilliant ad creative was designed to grab attention on the Twitter feed. 

The 15-second video asset didn’t move, highlighting the central message that Uber was encouraging regular people to stay home during the pandemic. 

Uber then continued to rotate several ad placements to land its campaign message, with a consistent call to action that encouraged Twitter users to click to learn more about #MoveWhatMatters. 

By advertising on Twitter, Uber managed to drive a 3x higher view rate compared to previous campaigns, while simultaneously achieving a 33% lift in positive sentiment.

This ad campaign showcased the power of a great Twitter ad, and the ability for brands to deliver important messages at scale. 

5. Sonos 

Audio technology brand Sonos partnered with Twitter to promote the launch of its voice-controlled smart speaker, Sonos One. However, the brand was competing against several tech manufacturers in a highly competitive pre-holiday market. 

To ensure success, Sonos developed a multi-stage marketing strategy that utilised several ad placements. The brand also utilised Twitter Interest targeting to reach an engaged and relevant tech audience. 

Firstly, to boost its social media presence during a busy shopping period, Sonos launched a snappy launch video that announced the arrival of the Sonos One. This was delivered through both ordinary Tweets and promoted Tweets to maximise reach.

(Source: twitter.com)

Sonos then promoted this launch video through Promoted Trends and Timeline Takeovers – two high-impact placements that reached a colossal audience and cut through the noise. 

The Sonos Video ad placement was a huge success, primarily because it followed creative best practices on Twitter. This Twitter ad example includes clear product visuals, punchy ad copy, and a recognisable soundtrack to keep users engaged, 

The Timeline Takeovers achieved a 58% higher view rate than other placements, and also delivered a 2.5x higher purchase intent among the target audience. 

6. Bahía Príncipe

Hotel brand Bahía Príncipe used Twitter to increase bookings during peak travel season.

The Twitter ads campaign was divided into two segments – one campaign targeted the American market, while another targeted the Spanish market. 

Bahía Príncipe focused primarily on using the Twitter Website card format to increase click volumes among both markets in the same campaign.

The business also launched several audience-targeting tactics to maximise reach and improve efficiency. Relevant keywords (e.g. ‘beach holidays’) were used to identify potential travellers, while conversations around locations like the Caribbean were also targeted to reach hot prospects.

(Source: twitter.com)

This Twitter ad example shows how simple ad copy can drive optimal performance.

There’s nothing complicated about this ad, but all of the key service information is crystal clear. Bahía Príncipe promotes the name of its sale, clarifies the dates of the offer, and nods towards the deals that are available for customers.

This promoted Tweet also conjures up a sense of urgency, incentivising users to click and book immediately to avoid missing out. 

This campaign drove an impressive 250k clicks, as well as generating over 2m views. Data-driven targeting, paired with effective ad copy, proved to be a winning formula for Bahía Príncipe. 

7. Volvo  

Volvo partnered with Twitter to promote its Summer Sales Event, leveraging pre-roll Video ads to highlight key product benefits.

To maximise campaign awareness and video views, Volvo targeted a broad Twitter audience across a wide range of different interest categories. 

Ads were served before video content relating to sports, fashion, business, and comedy. By expanding its targeting beyond obvious categories (i.e. cars) Volvo was able to effectively increase reach and attract new buyers. 

Pre-roll Twitter ad placements also helped the brand to capture attention, utilising ad inventory around audience passion points. 

(Source: twitter.com)

This is a strong Twitter ad example for a few reasons. Each video in the campaign was short and sweet, promoting a specific product benefit (e.g. leather seating) and finishing with a clear call to action. 

These pre-roll ads were also exclusively served alongside premium publishers, ensuring that Volvo appeared around high-quality content. 

The pre-roll video strategy was a roaring success for Volvo. The campaign delivered a 36% average view rate, as well as a cost-efficient $0.03 average cost per view. 

8. Pandora 

Pandora took advantage of multiple Twitter ad formats to support the launch of its ‘Reflexions’ jewellery collection. 

The brand combined several audience targeting tactics (i.e. Demographic/Interest) to identify its ideal shoppers – women aged 18 to 54 with a clear interest in fashion, shopping, jewellery and accessories.

From there, Pandora built out a Twitter marketing strategy to boost awareness of its collection and engage potential customers. 

Snappy videos and gifs were published by the Pandora Twitter account to increase excitement before the collection launched. When launch day arrived, Pandora used various formats (including Video ads, interactive audience polls, and Carousel ads) to drum up more interest and engagement. 

(Source: twitter.com)

This Twitter ad example proves how multiple ad placements can work effectively together to deliver positive returns. 

Pandora used Twitter ads to both generate excitement before the product launch, and drive engagement post-launch. The brand also utilised a clever mix of creative messages, reaching a sizable (but relevant) audience of jewellery lovers. 

The campaign performed extremely well, delivering an 8% lift in campaign awareness and a 4% lift in consideration among exposed audiences versus control audiences. 

5 expert tips for creating a successful Twitter ad 

We’ve already covered some of the most effective Twitter ad examples from the platform.  

Now it’s time to explain how you can build your own Twitter success story. Below are 5 expert strategies that will help you crush your social media goals and fully optimise your next campaign. 

Craft a clear and concise ad message

Your target audience will inevitably be scrolling through Twitter at lightning speed, exploring fresh posts and discovering new content.

That means when it comes to Twitter ad copy, clarity is key.

Keep your word count to a minimum, focus on your most persuasive selling points, and use action-oriented language.

It’s also vital to incorporate a clear CTA into your Twitter ads. Whether you’re promoting flash sales or driving app installs, make sure that your ad includes a compelling call to action. 

Make the most of data-fuelled audience targeting 

Twitter provides brands with a selection of targeting tactics that can be extremely powerful. 

If you want to drive mind-blowing results with your next campaign, make sure that you’re leveraging the most effective Twitter targeting options. 

For example, Keyword and Conversation targeting is ideal if you’re trying to identify users who are interested in a particular topic. But if your focus is on securing super-efficient conversions, pixel-based Custom Audiences can be a valuable tool.

It’s all about choosing the right targeting tactics to meet your campaign goal. 

Diversify your creative approach

Keep your creative messaging fresh to ensure that your audience remains engaged. 

Test out different ad formats, and leverage content like UGC and social proof to make an impact on consumers. 

You should also vary the themes of your Twitter posts to prevent audience fatigue. Not every single Tweet needs to be a hard product sell, for example – you might post industry insights, share a business update, or even just throw out a question to encourage engagement. 

Make regular (and informed) campaign optimisations

By staying diligent with your ad optimisations, you’ll be able to consistently improve performance over time. 

Use the Twitter Ads Manager to stay on top of your reports – familiarise yourself with the interface, and concentrate on the metrics that are contributing to your objective. 

You can also use the Ads Manager to A/B test different elements of your campaign. For example, you might set up one ad group with an experimental audience, or use another ad group to trial a different creative asset. 

Just be sure to regularly monitor campaign performance, and make decisive optimisations when needed. 

Create a sense of urgency with your Twitter ad

If you can conjure up a genuine sense of urgency or scarcity with your Twitter ads, audiences are infinitely more likely to click. 

You can achieve this by using tactical language in your ad copy, using phrases like ‘limited time’ and ‘last chance’ to reel in customers. 

Special promotions like a time-sensitive deal, free trial offer, upcoming event or flash sales can all be insanely effective if framed in the right way. 

Getting started with a Twitter ads campaign

Feeling ready to kick off your own wildly successful Twitter ads?

Follow this guide to get started with a new Twitter campaign. You’ll need to start by creating a Twitter Ads Account, and you’ll also have to set up the following:

Campaign budget – select your total budget and/or daily budget, and confirm your preferred bidding strategy. 

Target audience – build your Twitter audiences, using pre-defined segments or Custom Audiences. 

Ad group(s) – your ad group includes the goals, bids, targeting and ad formats for your campaign. You can also run several ad groups, each containing multiple ads. 

Creative assets – you’ll need to build your Twitter ads, including any images/videos and ad copy. Remember to stick to creative best practices here! 

Valuable resources for Twitter advertising 

Keen to learn more about a specific Twitter ad example? Or want to ensure that your ad spend is working as hard as possible for your brand?

We’ve got you covered.

Below are some handy resources that will help you to engage your Twitter followers, attract new customers, and smash your campaign objectives. 

37 Vital Twitter Statistics For Marketers

Twitter marketing can be an invaluable tool for your business – especially if you stick to proven advertising tactics and expert strategies.

Don’t hesitate to use any of these Twitter ad examples for inspiration! The more you learn from previous campaigns, the better your future campaigns will be.


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